Our New Book – Fundamental ArcGIS Pro Skills: Workbook 2

by | Sep 21, 2023

Our new Fundamental ArcGIS Pro Skills: Workbook 2 has been published! The intermediate level book is the follow up to Fundamental ArcGIS Pro Skills: Workbook 1. If you’re ready to learn intermediate ArcGIS Pro including creating spatial and bookmark map series, editing spatial and attribute data, automating geoprocessing tasks, creating custom pop-ups, sharing maps and data, and GIS data analysis this is the place to start!

What you’ll learn in this book:

In this book you will learn intermediate techniques for using ArcGIS Pro 3.  The book begins with a chapter on creating spatial and bookmark map series.  You’ll learn how to create spatial map series using grid, index, and irregular index layers as well as new functionality for creating bookmark map series. 

Next, you’ll learn ArcGIS Pro techniques for data preparation and analysis.  The reader will learn how to access geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS Pro as well as commonly used data preparation and analysis tools. 

At some point all GIS professionals will need to share their work with others whether that be colleagues in the profession or the public.  There are many ways to share maps and data using ArcGIS Pro and the reader will learn several techniques for doing so using geodatabases, shapefiles, packages, PDFs and image file. 

Editing spatial and attribute data is one of the most common uses of ArcGIS Pro.  The workflow for how editing is accomplished has changed dramatically from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro.  The reader will learn the new ArcGIS Pro editing workflow as well as commonly used tools for both spatial and attribute editing.

Next, you’ll learn how to create custom content for pop-ups.  After an overview of basic pop-up concepts that are associated with identify operations, you’ll learn how to custom the content of pop-ups to include images, charts and graphs, links, and other content.  Finally, we’ll wrap up the book with an introduction to the Arcade programming language for creating custom symbology, custom labels, and custom pop-up content.  Arcade is as simple, easy to learn programming language that can be used to create dynamic custom content for your data and maps in ArcGIS Pro.


  • How to create spatial and bookmark map series
  • Use data processing and analysis geoprocessing tools
  • Share maps and data using geodatabases, packages, pdf and image files
  • Learn the new editing workflow in ArcGIS Pro
  • Create new point, line, and polygon spatial features
  • Modify and delete spatial features
  • Edit attribute data with the attribute window
  • Create custom popup content including graphs, images, and other content
  • Use the new Task framework to automate geoprocessing tasks
  • Create custom symbology and labels using the Arcade language
  • Create custom popup content with Arcade

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