Eric Pimpler
Owner, Instructor, Developer
Eric is the founder and owner of GeoSpatial Training Services ( and has over 20 years of experience implementing and teaching GIS solutions using ESRI, Google Earth/Maps, Open Source technology. Currently Eric focuses on ArcGIS scripting with Python, and the development of custom ArcGIS Server web and mobile applications using JavaScript.

Eric is the author of Programming ArcGIS with Python Cookbook - 1st and 2nd Edition, Building Web and Mobile ArcGIS Server Applications with JavaScript, Spatial Analytics with ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Blueprints

Eric has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Texas A&M University and a Master's of Applied Geography degree with a concentration in GIS from Texas State University.

Tripp Corbin
Tripp is Chief Executive Officer and Lead Instructor for eGIS Associates (our business partner). He is an award winning Esri Certified Trainer with over twenty years of experience orchestrating and managing surveying, mapping and GIS projects.

He is recognized as an industry expert with a variety of geospatial software packages including Esri, Autodesk and Trimble products. Tripp was the primary author of several of our GIS courses including: Using AutoCAD data in ArcGIS class, ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam Prep, ArcGIS 10: What’s New and assisted in the development of our ArcGIS Server Basics class.

He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the GITA Southeast Chapter and a past board member of URISA International and the Georgia URISA Chapter. Tripp holds many certifications including GIS Certified Professional, ArcGIS Desktop Associate, ArcGIS Enterprise System Design Associate, Esri Certified Trainer, CompTia Certified Technical Trainer, Microsoft Certified Professional, URISA Workshop Instructor and Certified Floodplain Manager.

Tripp is also the author of Learning ArcGIS Pro.

Mark Lewin
Instructor, Developer
Mark is an authorized Esri and CompTIA CTT+ certified instructor, Esri certified Web Developer Associate and experienced web development professional.

In a career spanning over 15 years, Mark has built dozens of sophisticated web applications and taught others to do the same, and has a particular interest in web mapping.

Highlights include the development of a highly complex volcanic ash cloud modeling system for the UK's Met Office and using ArcGIS Server and the Flex API, and a state of the art cell phone tracking system for a defense contractor using the ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript.

He has taught hundreds of GIS professionals how to build custom applications using Esri's ArcGIS Server and open source platforms (MapServer, OpenLayers, Leaflet) and delivered geospatial software tutorials and demonstrations to thousands

John Schaeffer
John Schaeffer is an owner of Juniper GIS Services, and holds the titles of Senior GIS Analyst and Lead Instructor. John has over 25 years of experience in technical education and 16 years of experience using and teaching GIS and is certified as a GISP through the GIS Certification Institute and is an ESRI authorized consultant and instructor.

John regularly develops and teaches hands-on GIS classes in ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst, and Geodatabases. He has taught hundreds of classes for all levels of government and many diverse industries throughout the U.S. and abroad. When not teaching or developing classes, John has been the project leader for a wide variety of GIS projects, including wildfire hazard analysis, CAD to GIS data conversion, watershed analysis and census projects for cities, counties, utilities, and businesses.

Before starting Juniper GIS Services in 2000, John was an Assistant Professor of CADD and GIS at Central Oregon Community College. In 1994, he created the AAS degree program in GIS Technology, the first in Oregon. Besides teaching at the community college, John has also been involved in several National Science Foundation grants for training other teachers and developing GIS curriculum aimed at technical and community college GIS programs.

Dave Parr, Ph.D.
Instructor, Developer
I am a Doctoral Candidate at Texas State University in the Department of Geography. My research area is Geographic Information Science (GIS) including Volunteered Geographic Information, Big Geo-Data Analysis, GIS Education, and GIS and Society. I have taught Fundamentals of GIS, Advanced GIS, GIS Design and Implementation, and Advanced Spatial Analysis with GIS. I have also given workshops in Python Programming with GIS and Open Source GIS. I live in Littleton, Colorado.