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We will bring custom GIS training to you.

Custom GIS Training for groups is by far the most popular way to train your employees. We have provided this method of training to organizations of all sizes, including local, state, tribal, and federal governments.

What is Custom GIS Training?

Custom GIS Training means you will choose the courses you would like us to teach. Your chosen courses will define the number of days of training. You can choose multiple half-day courses, full-day or 2-day courses, or a combination thereof.

Furthermore, these events can be traditional classroom style or live-online. You can also choose whether the training event is open to the public or held privately for your organization.

Choose from any of the classes listed in our Full Course Catalog or customize your training series by pulling out specific modules from various courses.

OPTION 1: Private Group GIS Training

When you decide on training for your private group or team, we can come to your chosen venue. On the other hand, we can easily provide live-online group training if that is better for your organization.

We will help facilitate your decision-making based on multiple discussions about your team’s GIS needs. In other words, we can make recommendations on courses based on the details you provide to us if you aren’t sure which courses are best suited for your group.

OPTION 2: Open Group GIS Training with 2 FREE SEATS!

When you decide on open group training, we can still come to your chosen venue or provide a live-online option. Open Group Training is also known as Sponsored Group Training. We will still help you build an excellent course schedule based on your GIS needs; however, the difference is that these events will be open to the public.

When we partner with you or your organization for an open group training event, you will be asked to help find the venue and market the training event to your surrounding GIS community. In return for this effort, your organization will receive 2 FREE SEATS to each course scheduled during your event.

We often have sales and will market open training events through our Newsletter. Sign up here on the website or via the following Sign-Up Form.

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