Want to Build ArcGIS Server Applications without Programming?

by | Aug 10, 2011

The ArcGIS Server Viewer for  Flex provides an excellent framework for creating web GIS applications without the need for programming experience!  Anyone can build attractive, functional web applications with just a little knowledge of how the ArcGIS Server Viewer can be controlled through the use of XML configuration files.  These configuration files can be edited in any text editor and control everything from the appearance of the application to the layers that are included in the viewer as well as the widgets that are available to the user.

To help you in getting started with building your ArcGIS Server Viewer applications we are releasing Introduction to the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex as a free learning module.  This is the first module in our Programming the ArcGIS Server API for Flex course.  This has been a very popular course over the past two years and has now been updated for version 2.4 of the Flex API.  The next session begins August 29th and includes the course modules you see below.  This is a self-paced, web-based, instructor guided course.  One year of access to all course materials is included so you can review as necessary.  This also includes any course updates that occur during the year.

The free module also includes 5 exercises.  These exercises are in pdf format and can be found below the list of course modules.

  • Introduction to the ArcGIS Server Viewer for Flex
  • ArcGIS Server for Developers
  • Basic Concepts of the ArcGIS Server API for Flex
  • Flex and ActionScript Basics
  • Advanced Concepts of the ArcGIS Server API for Flex
  • Using Bing Maps with the Flex API
  • Creating Custom Widgets for the ArcGIS Server View for Flex

Exercises for Introduction to the ArcGIS Server Viewer for Flex:


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