Interactive Wildfire Application for Western United States

by | Jun 1, 2018

Using the Federal Wildland Fire Occurrence Database along with current wildfire activity information provided by Inciweb and drought information provided by the University of Nebraska, Geospatial Training Services has developed an interactive web application for visualizing wildfire activity in the western United States.  We’ve previously written about the surge in wildfire activity in the western United States.

We used the R statistical platform and programming language along with Shiny and Leaflet to develop the application.  We’re also developing a Web App Builder version of this application, which will be released soon.

The application includes a number of panels including a map of current wildfires and drought conditions, historical information by state for total acreage burned, number of wildfires, average wildfire size by state and decade, length of fire season, and acreage burned by federal agency.

You can take a look at the application at:



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