ESRI Renaming Products at ArcGIS 10.1

by | Jun 16, 2011

This is a guest post by Tripp Corbin, Vice President of GIS/IT at Keck & Wood, Inc.

I know many folks are still running ArcGIS 9.3 and only beginning to think about moving to 10. Esri is not resting though. It is already planning for the release of 10.1 which will be released early next year and is a focus of the Esri UC being held next month.

ArcGIS 10.1 will not only include changes and enhancements to functionality but also changes to the names of the software. Gone will be the familiar titles of ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo, and ArcGIS Server. They will be replaced with a new standardized naming structure which Esri claims will reinforce the integrated nature of the entire ArcGIS platform. So what will the new names be? See the chart below.

Name Prior to ArcGIS 10.1 New Name
ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS for Desktop
ArcInfo ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced
ArcEditor ArcGIS for Desktop Standard
ArcView ArcGIS for Desktop Basic
ArcGIS Server ArcGIS for Server
ArcGIS Mobile ArcGIS for Windows Mobile
ArcGIS Mobile SDK ArcGIS SDK for Windows Mobile
Esri Data and Maps Data and Maps for ArcGIS
Esri StreetMap Premium StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS
ArcGIS Data Appliance Data Appliance for ArcGIS
ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint ArcGIS for SharePoint

ArcGIS will now be the key word in every title. The individual applications will then be “for” something i.e. Desktop, Server, Sharepoint and so on. Esri is hoping this will emphasize the oneness of the ArcGIS platform.

Personally, I think it will be more confusing and is a bad move. ArcView is a great title. It’s name tells you exactly what it is designed to do. The same is true for ArcEditor. These titles are self explanatory. Try explaining ArcGIS for Desktop followed by Basic, Standard or Advanced to a new user. It will get confusing quickly. We already have this problem with server.

Let’s not forget the name recognition of ArcInfo. It has been the flagship of Esri since the beginning. Everyone in GIS knows this product. It has a long and proud history way through that all away. ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced just doesn’t have the same ring.

Ok to be fair, the new names do help to show that everything in the ArcGIS suite is connected be it desktop, server, or mobile. They also bring everything under the same convention Esri uses for server and it’s various editions and levels. So I guess that might help get everyone on the same page. Maybe it is not all such a bad thing.

I do admit I don’t like a lot of change. ArcGIS 10 was a big change. Editing workflow was completely changed. (for the better I felt) The interface was updated and many new windows and toolbars added. Then there were all the changes to the Business Partner Program and the transition to the new Certified Trainer Program. I guess I was just hoping ArcGIS 10.1 would more of a tweak and update than a continuation of Big Change. As the saying goes the one constant is change. Guess I will need to get better at dealing with it.

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