Google Earth Pro for Real Estate

Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Google Earth Pro
Chapter 2: Creating Property Datasets in Google Earth
Chapter 3: Adding Property Information (Text, Links, Photos, Video)
Chapter 4: Adding Overlays (Surveys and Site Plans)
Chapter 5: Finding, Importing, and Styling Datasets
Chapter 6: Creating Thematic (Color-Coded) and 3D Maps  
Chapter 7: Presentation and Communication
Chapter 8: Terrain Information
Chapter 9: Historical Imagery and Street View
Chapter 10: Google Earth Pro Configuration.

What You’ll Learn From This Book:

You might be asking yourself how other real estate professionals are using Google Earth Pro.  Some examples include:

  • Creating marketing materials that highlight the location of features on a property including the boundaries, structures, easements, and ancillary information.
  • Show off your property from a birds-eye view.
  • Display parcel outlines for homes on large lots.
  • Understand the topography and elevation profile of large lots.
  • Measuring lot dimensions.
  • Creation of tours and interactive demonstrations that can be published to the web, distributed via email, or shared in a presentation.
  • Overlay site plans or surveys of potential developments.
  • Display detailed information about a property including photos, graphs and charts, links to websites or files, text, or even video.
  • Add supporting datasets including demographics, parcels, floodplains, soils, vegetation, and more.
  • Printing high-resolution map and satellite photos.
  • Understanding what is visible from a particular location (viewshed analysis), which is important for some real estate development decisions.
  • Visualization of important neighborhood information from a different perspective.

Google Earth Pro has become a must have tool that every real estate professional should have in their toolbox.  This interactive 3D mapping software can be used for a variety of real estate activities including marketing and presentation, property research, and property visualization.

Location, location, location is the mantra of real estate professionals.  Google Earth Pro provides the ultimate platform for viewing and distributing real estate information to your customers.  Whether you’re working in commercial or residential real estate, Google Earth provides functionality that will allow you to effectively communicate the value of your properties to clients.

Google Earth Pro is a 3D interactive globe that can be used to aid planning, analysis, and decision-making.  Businesses, governments, and professional users from around the world use Google Earth Pro data visualization, site planning, and information sharing tools.

Google Earth places vital real estate information at your fingertips.  Simply fly over and zoom in to inspect any site.  How many competitors are within a three-mile radius?  Is there a scrap yard next door?  You’ll know, without even getting on an airplane.

This book will teach you how to use Google Earth Pro in support of your real estate research, marketing, and visualization tasks.  Let’s get started!

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