Mastering ArcGIS Pro 3.x: Editing, Analysis, and Automation

This class is for ArcGIS Pro 3.x users! If you are an ArcGIS Pro 2 user please see our Learning ArcGIS Pro 2: Editing, Analysis, and Automation class.


In this 2 day course the student will learn intermediate ArcGIS Pro 3 skills. On day one we’ll start the class by learning how to automating map production through the use of map series. Map series functionality provides the ability to cover a large geographic area with a series of maps that display data at a high level of detail. Following this module students will learn how to use the large collection of geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS Pro for data preparation and analysis. Sharing your maps and data is an important topic and ArcGIS Pro includes functionality for sharing content in a variety of ways including map and layer files, a variety of packages, and the exports to a variety of formats including geodatabase feature classes, shapefile, PDF files, image files, and more. These topics will be covered in Module 3: Sharing Maps and Data.

On day 2 the student will learn fundamental ArcGIS Pro workflows for editing spatial and attribute data. Students will learn how to create new features, modify existing features, delete features, and add and edit attributes. In Module 5 students learn how to create custom pop-ups which can include attribute information, regular and HTML text, images, charts and graphs, links, and more. To close the day the student will learn how to automate geoprocessing routines through the use of tasks. Tasks can be used to standardize geoprocessing routines and add rigor. Finally, students learn how to use the Arcade programming language in ArcGIS Pro to create custom symbology, dynamic labels, popup content, and field calculation.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Automating Map Production with Map Series
  • Module 2: Data Preparation and Analysis
  • Module 3: Sharing Maps and Data
  • Module 4: Editing in ArcGIS Pro
  • Module 5: Creating Custom Popups
  • Module 6: Task Automation
  • Module 7: Introduction to Arcade

16 GISP Credit Hours

Intended Audience

This course is intended for ArcGIS Pro users who have some past experience or training in ArcGIS Pro and are looking to advance their skills to the next level.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Students will need to be assigned an ArcGIS Pro 3.x Basic or higher license from their organization prior to class which can be accessed from the web. This should be verified prior to the start of class.

October 30th and 31st

December 6th and 7th
Denver, CO (Lowry Conference Center)



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