Live Class Schedule

Upcoming Live Classes

Learning ArcGIS Pro 1: Fundamentals

December 4th and 5th – Live, Online
January 22nd and 23rd – Denver, CO
April 3rd and 4th – Portland, OR
May 10th and 11th – Nashville, TN

Learning ArcGIS Pro 2: Analysis, Automation, and Sharing

December 6th – Live, Online
January 24th – Denver, CO
May 14th – Austin, TX

Introduction to Spatial Statistics using ArcGIS and R

February 15th and 16th – Live, Online
March 12th and 13th – Austin, TX
April 26th and 27th – Seattle, WA (26th is a half day beginning at 1:00 PM)

Python for Data Science I: Programming and Efficient Data Management (Pandas)

April 23rd and 24th – Seattle, WA

R for Data Science: Programming and Efficient Data Management

April 25th and 26th – Seattle, WA (26th is a half day ending at 11:30 AM)

Introduction to the ArcGIS API for Python

March 27th and 28th – Portland, OR
April 5th and 6th – Denver, CO

Collector for ArcGIS

April 11th and 12th – Denver, CO

Introduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro with Python

December 7th and 8th – Live, Online
January 25th and 26th – Denver, CO
January 29th and 30th – Live, Online
April 5th and 6th – Portland, OR
May 29th and 30th – Seattle, WA

Intermediate ArcGIS Pro Programming with Python

January 31st – Live, Online

Getting Started with ArcGIS Arcade

December 11th – Live, Online
April 9th – San Antonio, TX – SCAUG Conference
April 10th – San Antonio, TX – SCAUG Conference

Telling Your Story with Story Maps

December 15th – Live, Online

Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop – Introduction

November 28th and 29th – Raleigh, NC
December 12th and 13th – Live, Online
February 12th and 13th – Austin, TX
February 22nd and 23rd – Live, Online

Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop – Intermediate

November 30th – Raleigh, NC
December 14th – Live, Online
February 19th and 20th – Austin, TX

Advanced ArcGIS Programming with Python

December 1st – Raleigh, NC

Getting Started with the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API

January 18th and 19th – Live, Online