Live Class Schedule

Upcoming Live Classes

Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop – Introduction

April 26th and 27th – Nashville, TN
May 15th and 16th – Live, Online
June 14th – 16th – Irvine, CA
June 20th – 21st – San Jose, CA
August 7th – 8th – Helena, MT

Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop – Intermediate

April 11th and 12th – Austin, TX (TNRIS)
April 28th – Nashville, TN
May 17th – Live, Online
August 9th – Helena, MT

Getting Started with the ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript

April 3rd and 4th – Seattle, WA
May 1st – 3rd – Houston, TX

Advanced ArcGIS Programming with Python

June 1st and 2nd – Austin, TX (TNRIS)

Beginning ArcGIS Server Development with the JavaScript API v4.0

April 5th – Seattle, WA

Building ArcGIS Applications with Web AppBuilder

April 6th – Seattle, WA
May 4th – Houston, TX

Telling Your Story with Story Maps

April 7th – Seattle, WA
May 5th – Houston, TX
June 8th – Raleigh, NC

Building Mobile ArcGIS Server Applications

April 18th, Intermountain GIS Conference, West Yellowstone, MT

Register through Intermountain GIS Conference

Intermediate ArcGIS Online

May 30th and 31st, Austin, TX (TNRIS)

Introduction to Spatial Statistics using ArcGIS Desktop and R

June 6th and 7th – Raleigh, NC
August 10th and 11th – Helena, MT
August 21st and 22nd – Phoenix, AZ

Learning ArcGIS Pro: Fundamentals

July 24th and 25th – Phoenix, AZ
July 31st and August 1st – Portland, OR
August 14th and 15th – Denver, CO

Introduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro with Python

July 26th and 27th – Phoenix, AZ
August 2nd and 3rd – Portland, OR
August 16th and 17th – Denver, CO