Live-Online GIS Training Schedule

A computer at a organized desk to show live online gis training can be taken from comfort of one's own home.

Live-Online GIS Training courses are provided through our online training platform. In the weeks leading up to the course, you will receive preparation emails from your instructor. These emails will have important instructions, such as where to download the course materials and exercise data.

You can join any of the classes listed below. For those classes associated with a conference, please click the link for more details on how to participate.

Classes start at 9:30 AM and run until either 1:30 or 4:30 PM depending on the course. Students receive a lunch break during full-day or multi-day courses, but not for half-day (short) courses.

All students will earn a Certificate of Completion, which can be used for GISP certification.

Not sure which class to take? Check out our ArcGIS Pro Learning Pathways.

Live-Online GIS Training Schedule

September 27thIntroduction to Experience BuilderOKSCAUG- Online$300Register
October 10thField Maps for Mobile Data CollectionLive-Online$299Register
October 23rdIntroduction to Experience BuilderLive-Online$299Register
October 16th and 17thMastering ArcGIS Pro 3.x Maps, Layers, Projects and LayoutsLive-Online$499Register
October 30th and 31stMastering ArcGIS Pro 3: Editing, Analysis, and AutomationLive-Online$499Register
November 2ndIntroduction to PythonLive-Online$49Register
November 6th and 7thIntroduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro 3 with Python (bundle with the Nov 2nd Introduction to Python class)Live-Online$399Register
November 6th and 7thIntroduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro 3 with PythonLive-Online$499Register
November 8thData Analysis with ArcGIS Pro 3 and PythonLive-Online$299Register
November 9thGetting Started with ArcGIS ArcadeLive-Online$299Register

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