Configuring ArcGIS Pro Options

by | May 29, 2018

Today’s video provided courtesy of Tripp Corbin of eGIS Associates.

Upcoming ArcGIS Pro Classes.  You can save up to 15% on any of these courses during the month of May, 2018.

Learning ArcGIS Pro 2: Analysis, Automation, and Sharing

August 29th – Portland, OR

Learning ArcGIS Pro 1: Maps and Projects

August 27th and 28th – Portland, OR
September 10th and 11th – Denver, CO

Learning ArcGIS Pro 2: Editing, Analysis, and Automation

September 12th and 13th – Denver, CO

Introduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro with Python

June 11th and 12th – Live, Online
August 27th and 28th – Raleigh, NC
August 30th and 31st – Portland, OR
September 20th and 21st – Denver, CO
November 26th and 27th – Seattle, WA

Learning ArcGIS Pro 3: Converting, Linking, and Analyzing Data

September 17th and 18th – Denver, CO

Learning ArcGIS Pro 4: Sharing Your Maps and Data

September 19th – Denver, CO



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Tripp Corbin
Tripp is Chief Executive Officer and Lead Instructor for eGIS Associates (our business partner). He is an award winning Esri Certified Trainer with over twenty years of experience orchestrating and managing surveying, mapping and GIS projects. He is recognized as an industry expert with a variety of geospatial software packages including Esri, Autodesk and Trimble products. Tripp was the primary author of several of our GIS courses including: Using AutoCAD data in ArcGIS class, ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam Prep, ArcGIS 10: What’s New and assisted in the development of our ArcGIS Server Basics class. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the GITA Southeast Chapter and a past board member of URISA International and the Georgia URISA Chapter. Tripp holds many certifications including GIS Certified Professional, ArcGIS Desktop Associate, ArcGIS Enterprise System Design Associate, Esri Certified Trainer, CompTia Certified Technical Trainer, Microsoft Certified Professional, URISA Workshop Instructor and Certified Floodplain Manager. Tripp is also the author of Learning ArcGIS Pro.

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