Sponsored Training Events

Sponsoring a training event allows you to partner with Geospatial Training Services, a highly trusted GIS training organization, to bring high quality training to your organization and other potential students in your region.  As a local host of our training events your organization will also be eligible for complimentary training seats at the event.

Our sponsored training events can be taught live-online or as traditional classroom events.

We have a full time staff of trainers that travel across the country and internationally teaching various GIS courses including:

How the program works:

As a local host of a sponsored training event your organization agrees to provide a facility where the event will be held (we can help you with this), and assistance with marketing and event coordination. For live-online events we will provide the platform for the event.  What you get in return is complimentary attendance for 2 students in your organization, discounted training for other students in your geographic area, and an opportunity to highlight your organizations profile and engage with members of the local GIS community.

Advantages of being a local host:

  • Complimentary attendance for 2 students in your organization
  • Discounted training for other students in your area
  • Opportunity to highlight your organization’s profile and engage with members of the GIS community from your region

Requirements of being a local host:

  • If the training will be hosted on-site then you’ll need to provide a facility to host the training event (up to 18 students).  We can work with you on this if you don’t have a facility.  We have a network of facilities throughout the U.S. that we can use if necessary. This is not required for live online training events. We’ll provide the online platform.
  • Help with marketing the event to other potential students in your geographic area.
  • Help with coordination of the event.
  • Workshops must be open to individuals outside your organization.  We do provide exclusive training events for organizations as well under a separate program.

Contact [email protected] for more information on these courses or to become a sponsoring organization.

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