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March 22ndLearning ArcGIS Pro 1: Maps and ProjectsGrapevine – URISA Sponsored$249Add to Cart
March 21stLearning ArcGIS Pro 1: Maps and ProjectsRichardson – URISA Sponsored$249Add to Cart
June 12th and 13thLearning ArcGIS Pro 1: Maps and ProjectsAustin, TX$499Add to Cart
June 14thGetting Started with ArcGIS ArcadeAustin, TX$299Add to Cart
June 15th and 16thIntroduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro with PythonAustin, TX$499Add to Cart


April 3rd and 4thLearning ArcGIS Pro 2: Editing, Analysis, and Automation2023 MAGIP Conference$379Register
April 3rdIntroduction to Experience Builder2023 MAGIP Conference$329Register
April 4thBuilding Sites with ArcGIS Hub2023 MAGIP Conference$279Register


April 17th and 18thLearning ArcGIS Pro 1: Maps and ProjectsPortland Metro$319Register
April 17th and 18thIntroduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro with PythonPortland Metro$349Register
April 19thGetting Started with ArcGIS ArcadePortland Metro$219Register
April 19th Field Maps for Mobile Data CollectionPortland Metro$219Register
April 20thIntroduction to Experience BuilderPortland Metro$219Register
April 21stBuilding Sites with ArcGIS HubPortland Metro$199Register


May 22nd and 23rdLearning ArcGIS Pro 1: Maps and ProjectsDenver – Lowry Conference Center$319Register
May 24thGetting Started with ArcGIS ArcadeDenver – Lowry Conference Center$219Register
May 25th and 26thIntroduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro with PythonDenver – Lowry Conference Center$349Register
June 5thConfiguring Apps with Survey123 and Survey123 Connect Denver – Lowry Conference Center$219Register
June 6th Field Maps for Mobile Data CollectionDenver – Lowry Conference Center$219Register
June 7thIntroduction to Experience BuilderDenver – Lowry Conference Center$219Register
June 8thBuilding Sites with ArcGIS HubDenver – Lowry Conference Center$199Register
June 8thTelling Your Story with Story MapsDenver – Lowry Conference Center$199Register


August 8th and 9thIntroduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro with PythonInterdev – Atlanta$499Add to Cart
August 10thIntermediate ArcGIS Pro Programming with PythonInterdev – Atlanta$299Add to Cart
August 11th and 12thIntroduction to Data Visualization and Exploration with RInterdev – Atlanta$499Add to Cart


August 21st and 22ndLearning ArcGIS Pro 1: Maps and ProjectsSAM, Inc – Charlotte$499Add to Cart
August 23rdGetting Started with ArcGIS ArcadeSAM, Inc – Charlotte$299Add to Cart
August 24th and 25thIntroduction to Programming ArcGIS Pro with PythonSAM, Inc – Charlotte$499Add to Cart

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