Application Development and Programming

Geospatial Training Services develops user-friendly GIS web, mobile and desktop applications that make sharing, collecting and using information easier without requiring everyone to be GIS or database experts.  Our developers are experienced with the latest development technologies including:

  • JavaScript
  • ArcGIS Server and the JavaScript API
  • Dojo, jQuery, Node, Angular, Bootstrap, Backbone
  • Python
  • ArcGIS Online with Web AppBuilder and JavaScript
  • Story Maps
  • .NET with ArcObjects
  • Google Maps API, OpenLayers, CartoDB API
  • HTML5 and CSS3

Whether you desire your application to be powered by Esri’s ArcGIS Server, Open Source GIS Servers, or delivered to desktops, portable computers or smartphones – we can help you.

Recent projects

City of Juneau, Alaska Map Viewer

2014-12-29 12_42_57-city-arcgis101.cbj.local

Contact us at sales at for more information on how we can assist you with your project.

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