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[dt_sc_timeline_section] [dt_sc_timeline_item fontawesome_icon=”street-view” custom_icon=”” link=”https://itrain.leadpages.co/tips-tricks-passing-certification/” title=”Creating a Map Series (Map Book) in ArcGIS Pro” subtitle=”February 9th, 2018″]

On Friday, February 9th we’ll be releasing a new recorded webinar entitled Creating a Map Series in ArcGIS Pro.  A map series is a collection of map pages (also known as map sheets) built from a single layout that represents a geographic area. The most common type is a spatial map series where each map page displays a portion of the larger geographic area based on a feature’s geometry.

For example, a map series might contain individual maps showing flood zones in relation to land parcels for each subdivision in a county.  Each page, or sheet, in a map series also typically contains map elements—such as the map title—that change to reflect the name of the area shown in the particular map sheet.

This recorded webinar will be released to all current members of our email list on Friday, February 9th.  Use the Signup box to make sure you get access to this webinar.


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