Live-Online GIS Training Bundle

Looking for live-online GIS training at an affordable price? We’ve got a new live-online training bundle available for individuals and organizations of all sizes that will allow you to take any of our live-online classes at a discounted price without ever leaving your home or office.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. You will initially purchase a set of credits for you or your organization. Each credit is worth one day of training. Our typical charge for each day of training is $299/student, but as you’ll see below this is discounted when you purchase credits.

When you’re ready to sign up for any of our live-online classes just send an email to [email protected] indicating your name, email address, the class you want to take, and the date you want to take the class. You’ll then take the class and the credits will be subtracted from your account.

The more credits you purchase up front the bigger the discount. Additional credits can be purchased at any time.

You will need to provide the software for the class. In most cases we will supply all of the course materials with the exception of two classes which require the purchase of an additional exercise book. These two classes are noted below.

Purchase credits below. Current Live-Online class schedule.

Not sure which class to take? Check our our ArcGIS Pro Learning Pathways.

3 Credits – Save 10% – $807 ($90 savings)


5 Credits – Save 12% – $1,315 ($180 savings)


10 Credits – Save 15% – $2,541 ($448 savings)


15 Credits – Save 20% – $3,588 ($897 savings)


20 Credits – Save 25% – $4,485 ($1,495 savings)


Need more than 20 credits? Contact [email protected] to purchase a custom number of credits.

Current Live-Online class schedule.

Below is a list of the current classes we’re teaching through our live-online training platform.

ArcGIS Pro Classes

Open Source Programming Classes

ArcGIS Online Classes

Google Earth Classes

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