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"These courses are great. I am so pressed for time this is the only way I can acquire extra skills these days. Thank you Eric for all your hard work!" -- Chris Hickin (NYC Fire Dept.)
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Introduction to Managing ArcSDE with SQL Server

GeoSpatial Training Services is pleased to announce the availability of a new self-paced Virtual GIS Classroom course entitled "Introduction to Managing ArcSDE with SQL Server".  Learn how to configure SQL Server for ArcSDE, configure and optimize ArcSDE, perform database backup and recovery, manage ArcSDE, store and manage vector and raster data, manage versioned and non-versioned databases.


  • SQL Server Configuration for ArcSDE
  • Configuration and Optimization of ArcSDE
  • Database Backup and Recovery
  • Managing ArcSDE
  • Storage and Management of Vector and Raster Data in ArcSDE
  • Management of Versioned and Non-Versioned Geodatabases

GISCI Education Credit: pending

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You may want to also consider purchasing bound hard copies of the lecture notes as well to go along with the course.  

Course Notes: $50.00 (U.S. and Canada Only)

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