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"I really enjoyed the Python/ArcGIS course. For me the right balance between detail and overview. Good work!" - Pal Herman Sund
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GPS Mapping with ArcPad

ArcPad is Esri’s most popular mobile GIS software. This course will walk you through everything you need to get started using ArcPad to collect GPS data. You will be walked through key ArcPad workflows beginning with how to install ArcPad and what’s included and how to design your GIS data for optimal use in ArcPad.  GPS configuration settings and the fundamental editing tools for collecting GPS data are covered in detail.  You will also learn how to integrate your new data with your GIS as well as the workflow for taking existing data out into the field for updating.

Intended Audience
This course is designed for all levels.

Introduction to the Course (2:06)
Module 1a: Overview of ArcPad & Workflows (24:02)
Module 1b: The ArcPad Interface (16:35)
Module 2: Configuring ArcPad for GPS (26:35)
Module 3: Using ArcPad in the Field (34:42)
Module 4: The Quick Project Workflow (25:30)
Module 5: GeoDB Check-Out/In Workflow (23:37)
Conclusion, Tips, & Additional Resources (5:28)

Total Running Time: 2 hours 41 minutes

Skills Acquired

  • Install and configure ArcPad for GPS
  • ArcPad workflows and implemention
  • Prepare GIS data for ArcPad
  • Use GPS to collect new data &  make updates
  • Integrate ArcPad data a GIS database


Purchase Online
This class is sold as part of the ArcPad Bundle and Whole GPS Training Library

E-Delivery: $197.00

Buy the ArcPad Bundle here:   This course sold through Geomattix LLC.




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