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"Really good course material. Very relevant subject matter." --Michael Philp (City of Springville, UT)
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Working with Coordinate Systems in GIS & GPS

Understanding coordinate systems is crucial for any GIS professional and doubly so when using GPS to collect GIS data.  This class focuses on the importance of coordinate systems. What is a coordinate system? Why should I care? How do I work with them? What do I need to be aware of when using GPS? Why doesn’t my data line up and how can I fix it?

Intended Audience
This course is designed for all levels.

Lesson 1: Geographic Coordinate Systems (22:35)
Lesson 2: Projected Coordinate Systems (13:52)
Lesson 3: Coordinate Systems & GIS (19:35)
Lesson 4: Coordinate Systems & GPS (23:53)
Lesson 5: Problem-Solving Alignment Issues (18:28)

Skills Acquired

  • Geographic & projected coordinate systems
  • How GIS data formats store coord system info
  • ArcGIS tools for working with coord systems
  • Coordinate systems in Google Earth
  • Understand datum shift and how to avoid it
  • Differential GPS and coordinate systems


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This class is sold as part of the GIS/GPS Bundle or the Whole GPS Training Library.

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