Student Comments

I wanted to let you know about the project that resulted from the ArcGIS JavaScript class I recently took with you. The site is, which I did through my job at AAAS and in cooperation with Amnesty International, USA. On the site, there is a section called interactive maps which utilizes a human rights database and maps I created. I used a variety of techniques from the course in the creation of the site and the things I learned were invaluable in its creation.
-- Susan Wolfinbarger, American Association for the Advancement of Science
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Adding Digital Photos to GIS

Adding digital photos to your GIS is much easier with the help of GPS. This class will look at adding digital photos as attributes to GIS features and also adding georeferenced photos to GIS as layers. You will learn the equipment you’ll need as well as the best workflow for your needs and budget. You’ll also learn how to work with the photos inside of ArcGIS and Google Earth.  

Intended Audience
This course is designed for all levels.

Modules (length)
Lesson 1: Digital Photos in GIS (11:01)
Lesson 2: Using GPS to Collect Photos (11:58)
Lesson 3: Equipment & Workflows (17:56)
Lesson 4: Photo-Linking Software (8:31)
Lesson 5: Working with Photos in GIS (8:43)

Skills Acquired

  • Attach photos to features as attributes
  • Georeference photos as layers
  • Equipment for linking photos to GIS features
  • Integrate digital cameras & GPS
  • Select and use photo-linking software
  • Work with photos in ArcGIS and Google Earth
  • Photo linking software
  • Viewing and manipulating photos in ArcGIS and Google Earth

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This class is sold as part of the GIS/GPS Bundle and Whole GPS Training Library

E-Delivery: $197.00
Click here to purchase.  This course sold through Geomattix LLC.


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