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I want to thank you very much for this course. I think it was very well organised and provided a great foundation to build upon. I have already been using my new found Python knowledge to create custom scripts and tools for work! I am very satisfied with the price and the quality of the training received and believe it to be a great value. I look forward to future training opportunities! -- James Kellough, MMM Group
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Integrating GPS Data with GIS

This course focuses on getting GPS data into a GIS. It will cover what equipment to use, how the equipment dictates the workflows, pros and cons of each workflow, and how to incorporate GPS data collecting in your organization.

Intended Audience
This course is designed for all levels.

Lesson 1: Overview of GPS (16:06)
Lesson 2: Overview of GIS (19:41)
Lesson 3: Integrating GPS in the Workflow (20:03)
Lesson 4: GPS/GIS Workflows (24:52)
Lesson 5: Integrating Rec GPS with GIS (19:34)

Skills Acquired

  • Assess the capability of GPS receivers
  • Differential GPS and options for applying it
  • Database design and storage of GPS data
  • Equipment preparation and maintenance
  • Understand post processing of your data
  • Professional & recreational GPS workflows


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This class is sold as part of the GIS/GPS Bundle or the Whole GPS Training Library.

E-Delivery: $197.00
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