HTML/CSS/JavaScript for Complete Beginners

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[dt_sc_h3]Introduction to HTML[/dt_sc_h3]

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Web

Additional Reading: How Web Servers Work

Lecture 2: Introduction to HTML

Additional Reading: Basic HTML Tags

Additional Reading: The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets

Additional Reading: How Cookies Work

Exercise: Creating an HTML Page

Solution: Creating an HTML Page

Lecture 3: Advanced HTML Tags

Additional Reading: HTTP 101

Exercise: More Work with HTML Pages

Solution: More Work with HTML Pages

Exercise: Embedding HTML Elements

Solution: Embedding HTML Elements


[dt_sc_h3]Introduction to CSS[/dt_sc_h3]

Lecture 4: Introduction to CSS

Additional Reading: Selectutorial

Additional Reading: CSS Font Stacks

Additional Reading: CSS Cascade

Additional Reading: CSS Inheritance

Additional Reading: CSS and Text

Exercise: Working with Selectors

Solution: Working with Selectors

Exercise: Working with Properties

Solution: Working with Properties

Lecture 5: CSS Layout

Additional Reading: Floatutorial

Additional Reading: Learn CSS Positioning in 10 Steps

Additional Reading: CSS Positioning

Additional Reading: The CSS Layout Model

Exercise: Grouping

Solution: Grouping

Exercise: The Box Model

Solution: The Box Model

Exercise: Layout

Solution: Layout

Exercise: Positioning

Solution: Positioning


[dt_sc_h3]Introduction to JavaScript[/dt_sc_h3]

Note: you can use for the JavaScript exercises. Click the JavaScript link.

Lecture 6: Variables and Functions

Additonal Reading: Language Levels

Additional Reading: The History of JavaScript

Additional Reading: JavaScript Variables and Data Types

Additional Reading: JavaScript Functions

Exercise: Using Variables

Exercise: Working with Functions

Lecture 7: Control Flow and Arrays

Additional Reading: Eloquent JavaScript: Values, Variables, & Control Flow

Additional Reading: MDN: Expressions and Operators

Exercise: Using if/else Statements

Exercise: Using ‘For’ Loops

Exercise: Working with Arrays

Lecture 8: Objects and the DOM

Additional Reading: MDN: Objects and Properties (only that section)

Additional Reading: Eloquent JavaScript: The DOM

Exercise: Working with Objects

Exercise: Working with the DOM

Lecture 9: Animation and Events

Additional Reading: JavaScript Animation Tutorial

Additional Reading: Animating in HTML5

Additional Reading: Webmonkey: JavaScript Events

Exercise: Working with Animation in JavaScript

Exercise: Responding to Events

Joseph Monti
Joseph Monti
Definitely got me "over the hump" of being able to grasp Python.
Pal Herman Sund
Pal Herman Sund
"I really enjoyed the Python/ArcGIS course. For me the right balance between detail and overview. Good work!" - Pal Herman Sund
Brandon Clark
Brandon ClarkAlabama Power
Knowledgeable instructor, well paced class, applicable information covered, hands-on style
Jason Warzinik
Jason WarzinikBoone County, MO
"I have attended a number of instructor lead  training courses offered by ESRI, which are great in their own right, but the Mastering the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API course gets much more in-depth than they often do.  I really liked the recommended reading, they helped expand the terms being covered in lecture to concrete examples that could be related back to my work more directly instead of just having the lecture and exercises alone.  I learned a lot andwill recommend this and other GeoSpatial Training courses to the GIS'ers I know. Thanks for putting this course together and offering it ...
Chris Pollard
Chris PollardDelaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
"Very informative and knowledgeable course. It help determine which direction I should take my further GIS and web programming skills." -- Chris Pollard (Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission)
Chris Hickin
Chris HickinNYC Fire Dept
"These courses are great. I am so pressed for time this is the only way I can acquire extra skills these days. Thank you Eric for all your hard work!" -- Chris Hickin (NYC Fire Dept.)
Kyle Lockhart
Kyle LockhartEscambia County, FL
"I thought the course was very organized. The style of presentation and the lesson format worked well together. It made the informationeasy to understand."  -- Kyle Lockhart (Escambia County, FL)
Aleeta Zeller
Aleeta ZellerChattanooga RPA
Class was well organized, well paced and I learned a lot
Matt Gubitosa
Matt GubitosaU.S. EPA
"I strongly and highly recommend it" -- Matt Gubitosa, U.S. EPA
Michael Philp
Michael PhilpCity of Springville, UT
"Really good course material. Very relevant subject matter." --Michael Philp (City of Springville, UT)

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