Configure Apps with Survey123 and Survey123 Connect


This full-day course takes you through creating Web and Field Apps using Survey123 Web Designer and the desktop builder, which is called Survey123 Connect and uses XLS Forms. The class will emphasize the differences in functionality between the Web Designer and desktop builder, and the differences between using a survey form in a Web Application versus a Field Application.

You will learn how to create and modify a survey from an ESRI template before learning how to build a survey from scratch in the Web Designer. After publishing and testing a survey created in Web Designer as a Web Application, we will move to the desktop builder called Survey123 Connect. This builder uses a combination of an XLS Form and the Connect application. You will build and extend a survey using a combination of XLS Form functionality and HTML expressions before publishing and testing out the survey form as a Field App on your mobile device.

Course exercises will give you the hands on experience you need to get familiar with the layout, customization capabilities and functionality that will have you quickly building your own survey forms.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Survey123 Web Designer
  • Module 2: Configuring with Survey123 Web Designer
  • Module 3: Preview and Publish Your Web Designer Survey
  • Module 4: Intro to Survey123 Connect Desktop Application
  • Module 5: Access, Style, Preview, Options, and Publish your Survey
  • Module 6: Survey123 Field App

8 GISP Credit Hours

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone who needs to create fillable form-centric survey that is either submitted through a web browser or through a field application on a mobile device. Though it is recommended that students have some experience in developing online map applications, it is not necessary. No scripting skills necessary.

Software & Licensing Requirements

Students need to have their own computer hardware and an ArcGIS Online Creator user-type or higher with a valid login. They also need the following installations:

  • Survey123 Connect installed on Desktop or Laptop
  • Survey123 Application installed on a Mobile Device

*It is recommended that students print off the last course exercise if they will need to exit their office building in order to use the location capabilities on their chosen mobile device.

None at this time

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Add instructor support below or $100. Support is provided by email, chat sessions, or phone.

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