City of Juneau, AK Map Viewer

Geospatial Training Services developed an ArcGIS Server viewing application for the City of Juneau, Alaska that allows internal and external users to view imagery, streets, parcel boundaries, property structures including condos, manufactured homes, and cell phone towers.  In addition, the application includes functionality for measuring, printing, redlining, searching for properties, and generating a property mailing list based on spatial relationships.

The mailing list generator allows the end user to select a property type (parcel, condo, or manufactured home), buffer distance, and point of origin as input used to generate a mailing list and map.

Technologies Used:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript
  • JavaScript, Dojo, jQuery
  • Geodatabase

Application Screenshots:

2014-12-29 12_42_57-city-arcgis101.cbj.local

2014-12-29 12_23_39-Juneau - city-arcgis101.cbj.local

2014-12-29 12_24_36-Juneau - city-arcgis101.cbj.local

2014-12-29 12_41_50-city-arcgis101.cbj.local

2014-12-29 12_44_01-city-arcgis101.cbj.local

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