Advanced Google Maps API Programming


Building on the concepts learned in our Introduction to Programming the Google Maps API course, this course covers advanced concepts and techniques for the Maps API. We are going to cover a lot of ground in this course starting with the Google Maps Utility classes. Utility classes are special purposes objects including MarkerManager for managing large numbers of markers efficiently.  MarkerClusterer also helps manage large concentrations of markers by aggregating neighboring markers into a single marker typically labeled with the number of markers represented by the symbol.  One of the more important and interesting topics in this class is the creation of your own custom data layers that can be draped on top of Google Maps. You’ll also learn how to use the Geometry library to calculate the distance between features or the area of a polygon.  We’ll also cover the Directions Service which can be used to obtain both textual and map directions between two points of interest.  Next, the StreetView Service will be explored in details.  You’ll learn how to add this amazing feature to your application.  Finally, we’ll cover development for mobile devices.

Course Modules

  • Google Maps Utility Classes
  • Creating Custom Layers
  • Geometry Library
  • Directions Service
  • StreetView Service
  • Development for Mobile Devices

16 GISP Credit Hours

Course Formats and Pricing

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Pete Kennedy
Pete KennedyAsheville- Buncombe Technical Community College
Your materials are EXCELLENT!
Jeff Dobb
Jeff DobbState of Montana
"The things you have taught me (Mastering the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API) have helped tremendously on my project". -- Jeff Dobb, State of Montana
James Kellough
James KelloughMMM Group
I want to thank you very much for this course. I think it was very well organised and provided a great foundation to build upon. I have already been using my new found Python knowledge to create custom scripts and tools for work! I am very satisfied with the price and the quality of the training received and believe it to be a great value. I look forward to future training opportunities! -- James Kellough, MMM Group
Michael Philp
Michael PhilpCity of Springville, UT
"Really good course material. Very relevant subject matter." --Michael Philp (City of Springville, UT)
Pal Herman Sund
Pal Herman Sund
"I really enjoyed the Python/ArcGIS course. For me the right balance between detail and overview. Good work!" - Pal Herman Sund
Brandon Clark
Brandon ClarkAlabama Power
Knowledgeable instructor, well paced class, applicable information covered, hands-on style
Chris Hickin
Chris HickinNYC Fire Dept
"These courses are great. I am so pressed for time this is the only way I can acquire extra skills these days. Thank you Eric for all your hard work!" -- Chris Hickin (NYC Fire Dept.)
Susan Wolfinbarger
Susan WolfinbargerAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science
I wanted to let you know about the project that resulted from the ArcGIS JavaScript class I recently took with you. The site is, which I did through my job at AAAS and in cooperation with Amnesty International, USA. On the site, there is a section called interactive maps which utilizes a human rights database and maps I created. I used a variety of techniques from the course in the creation of the site and the things I learned were invaluable in its creation.-- Susan Wolfinbarger, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Joseph Monti
Joseph Monti
Definitely got me "over the hump" of being able to grasp Python.
Matt Gubitosa
Matt GubitosaU.S. EPA
"I strongly and highly recommend it" -- Matt Gubitosa, U.S. EPA